Special packaging

Through customised development and precise production, we address the highest requirements for the protection and efficiency of transport of parts and materials for the largest and most renowned companies on the market. We use a wide portfolio of materials in our production.


Special orders are often placed for inter-operational packaging used in the production process to move and handle material, parts or finished products. They include various inner parts – sewn inserts or fixing parts, which can also be variable and replaceable.


Other typical assignments are stacking boxes and transport boxes for outbound logistics of parts or finished products. The majority of packaging solutions produced by us is for repeated, multiple use or as returnable packaging. The basic requirements for packaging solutions include safety, storability and overall efficiency. However, we also strongly emphasize the environmental friendliness and recyclability of our products.

Tailored development and production:
  • Trolleys for moving parts during production
  • Solutions for handling parts during production
  • Tube system
  • Stacking boxes for storage and outbound transport
  • Ensuring the protection of trnsported parts
  • Re-usable
  • Variable, replaceable
  • From various material combinations – Textile / PVC / Foam
  • PE Fittings – ecological replacement of polystyrene
  • XPE Fittings – fixation and protection of varnished parts
  • Combinations of XPE and PE foam with cardboard and plastic-cardboard
  • Metal pallets
  • Stacking boxes (Danpla box)
  • Pallet boxes
  • Plastic pallets
  • Vacuum fittings

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