Material solutions

Know-how that we have achieved over many years combined with appropriate technology enables us to process a wide range of materials from various suppliers from all over Europe:

  • CARDBOARDS -cardboard, corrugated cardboard, machine cardboard, laminated cardboard, laminated corrugated cardboard…
  • CARDBOARD – plastic cardboard, cellular polypropylene, Conpearl, extruded polyethylene foams (recyclable) – expanded polyethylene foam, PE
  • EPE, Stratocell, Cellair, Cellucuschion, Nopaplank, Nopafoam, Eplank, Cushion, Ethafoam, antistatic PE foam, HKP, Triplex
  • Crosslinked polyethylene foams (non-recyclable) – PE, XPE, XPE foam
  • Polyethylene foam profiles – PE profile
  • Polyurethane and foam foams in plates, egg and knob profile non -woven fabric
  • PLASTICS (accessories and reinforcements)
  • METALS (special transport boxes)
Cardboard and cardboard paper stretch foil
Cardboards and cartons
Stretch foil
polyurethane foams, foams, bubble foils
Polyurethane foams
Bubble foils
nonwovens, plastics, metals and wood
Metals and wood

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